Film School: Directing Non-Actors

'Guardians of the Galaxy' in StudioBinder 'Film Blocking Tutorial' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in StudioBinder 'Film Blocking Tutorial'

A round-up of video tutorials on working with non-professional talent.

For this collection, we’ll look at video tutorials focused on certain aspects of directing non-performers, and what we can take from them overall.


Although more to do with photography, the ideas Mango Street suggests to keep in mind can also be useful when shooting video:

  • Direct, rather than pose, your actor
  • Straight lines suggest brashness, “masculinity”
  • S-curves suggest softness, “femininity”


StudioBinder‘s focus here is on visual character story through blocking and composition: how can the placement of your actors in relation to eachother reinforce their character dynamic? At their most thoughtful and effective, these considerations can enhance performances of all skill levels:


As director Roberto Minervini tells TIFF, building characters around the actors themselves creates a more immersive experience between director, actors and film:

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