Film School: Dune: Part Two (2024)

Dune: Part Two (2024) Dune: Part Two (2024)

A roundup of interviews and behind-the-scenes of the second instalment of the sci-fi epic.

It’s interesting that director Denis Villeneuve, with his production and release cycle of his Dune films as instalments, finds himself in a situation not unlike author Frank Herbert, whom Villeneuve describes as being “disappointed” with the misinterpretation of his first book, and how that informed the writing of his second. Some of the conversation surrounding Dune: Part One critiques it as yet another white saviour story, and how deeply out-of-touch a thing for a film to be in the 2020s. While I haven’t read the books, I was able to glean that Dune is very much not that kind of story – information I picked up from the same online spaces where those misreadings were being thrown around. In any case: that discourse apparently informed Villeneuve’s choice to make the implicit explicit, particularly via the character of Chani (Zendaya), in Dune: Part Two (via Screen Rant):

Villeneuve breaks down the sandworm scene (via Vanity Fair):

Greig Fraser and the Cinematography of Dune: Part Two (via Dolby):

How Dune: Part Two was filmed in IMAX, for release in a range of formats (via KDCloudy):

Storyboarding Dune: Part Two with Denis Villeneuve (via Shot, Drawn & Cut):

Try It Yourself

Kolari demonstrates how they recreated infrared shots from Dune: Part Two, at home:

Further Viewing

Dami Lee Arch at the very least provides some interesting storytelling, if not sources of inspiration and legitimate context, supplemental to the world-building in Dune:

Lancelloti‘s detailed analysis of how colour is used to characterise worlds, turning points, and motifs in Dune: Part Two:

A collection of breakdowns of ways that form and function work together in Dune: Part One (2021):


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