Film School: Denis Villeneuve

Film School: Denis Villeneuve (L-R) Amy Adams and director, Denis Villeneuve on the set of the film ARRIVAL by Paramount Pictures

A look at the director’s singular voice in film.

Denis Villeneuve‘s outstanding body of work includes Arrival, Sicario (which we look at here and here), Blade Runner 2049Dune, Prisoners, Enemy and Incendies. What more fitting tribute to the director’s work than a typically well-crafted video essay from The Cinema Cartography:

Using the case study of Arrival, Nerdwriter locates the power of Villeneuve’s storytelling in his film literacy :

Lessons from the Screenplay looks at “how Arrival was adapted from the short story it was based on, [and] how clever editing kept the focus on the protagonist“:

Director of photography In Depth Cine looks at How Denis Villeneuve Shoots A Film At 3 Budget Levels:

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