Film School: Colour in Film

Color in Storytelling | The Cinema Cartography Color in Storytelling | The Cinema Cartography

A collection of video essays exploring ways colour is used in visual storytelling.

StudioBinder expands on the colour swatches approach to studying cinematic images:

wolfcrow first asks, “Why are Films Shot in Two Colors?”:

… and then posits Why Great Movies use the Three Color Rule:

Filmmakers & Colour

The Cinema Cartography looks at the use of colour across the work of different filmmakers:

Jorge Luengo Ruiz‘s supercut of the use of one colour throughout the body of work of a single director, Pédro Almodóvar:

StudioBinder‘s stunning, comprehensive examination of Stanely Kubrick‘s use of colour is part of their excellent series of mise en scene:

Further Viewing

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We also look at a neat way to Learn Exposure & Colour from Your Faves in your editing software of choice: