Film School: Advanced Colour Grading

Advanced Color Grading | Cody and Victoria Advanced Color Grading | Cody and Victoria

A roundup of tutorials which dive deeper into colour in video post-production.

Once you’re across colour correction and then general colour grading, you’ll probably want to make more detailed adjustments. First, here’s Cinecom with an end-to-end workflow:

Cinecom then gives a brief demonstration of how to further accentuate the colours in your final film by using masks:

Cody and Victoria further explore masking and other more detailed colour adjustments:

There are a range of takes on and recipes for the “cinematic look” – few are as simple, or pack as much into under ten minutes, as this how-to from Color Grading Central:

Further Viewing

More on working with Log colour profiles, as mentioned in some of the tutorials above:

This free 34-minute session with colorist Shane Ruggieri at Dolby Vision offers rare insight into the work of colour grading at the pro industry level:

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