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'A Cinematographer's Guide To Pre-Production' | In Depth Cine 'A Cinematographer's Guide To Pre-Production' | In Depth Cine

A overview of pre-production work behind what the camera sees.

In Depth Cine offers A Cinematographer’s Guide To Pre-Production – which doubles as an overall guide to small- or no-crew, micro- or no-budget productions:

The steps in the process:

  1. Project Introduction
  2. Research
  3. Visual Plan
  4. Location Reconaisance – often with other key crew or HODs (heads of department)
  5. Shot List – may include storyboards – here are some examples of storyboard to final product
  6. Lighting Plan
  7. Gear List – determined by, or developed alongside, the post production workflow
  8. Crew List – budget, working style, and tech needs determine camera, lighting, and grip departments
  9. Technical Coordination – scheduling crew around location and budget considerations

Further Viewing

Visual research techniques for getting your crew and yourself on the same page ahead of production:

Who exactly is your crew? Here are a couple of handy explainers:

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