Film School: The Cinematography of Roger Deakins

A collection of video essays on the cinematography of Roger Deakins.

Roger Deakins: Making Beautiful Images (via FilmInTheMaking):

Roger Deakins: Beauty in Simplicity (via Blake’s Essays):

Roger Deakins: Story in a Visual Manner (via James Murphy):

Roger Deakins First And Final Frames (via tl;dr):

Roger Deakins’ 13 Oscar Losses (via TIFF):

Joe & Ethan Coen – Shot | Reverse Shot (via Every Frame A Painting):

Style Breakdown

Roger Deakins on “Learning to Light” — Cinematography Techniques Ep. 1 (via StudioBinder):

Roger Deakins on “Film Lighting” Part 2 — Cinematography Techniques Ep. 2 (via StudioBinder):


Blade Runner 2049‘s Roger Deakins: “One of Those Things You Can’t Say no to” (via The Hollywood Reporter):

Deakins on Visualising the Script, on Cinematography, and on Lighting (via Maine International Film Festival):