Review: Chef (2014)

Chef (2014) Chef (2014)

Co-starring the most decadent cheese toastie ever captured on film.

While I imagine it must be nice for writer/director and all-round charm factory Jon Favreau to get back to small & personal indie-style film-making between Marvel blockbuster duties, Chef feels a little too relaxed structurally. We know the food truck is coming; it’s clearly going to be the Act II, but even by three-act timing it begins too late.

While yes, the characters and performances are all sweet, and the food porn is suitably mouth-watering, I’m interested to see how the food truck adventure – which is bound to be a road trip, right? – unfolds and what new ideas, if any, it may explore. It doesn’t appear until halfway trough the film, even though the idea of it, both for his career and his relationship with his son, is floated so close to the start of the film that the wait for it becomes a bit boring, and for no readily apparent reason.

Also: I don’t know what alternate Twitterverse this is where chefs & food critics trend.

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