Film School: the Cinematography of Bradford Young

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2017) Solo: A Star Wars Story (2017)

A masterclass in the director of photography’s ambient, low key visual style.

Bradford Young is responsible for the stunning look of films including Selma (2014), Arrival (2016), and Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018). In Depth Cine examines the tools and techniques of his visual style:

Young talks about his approach in a series of interviews with CookeOptics TV. In this first clip, he discusses how his connection to the script for Arrival informed his artistic and technical choices in how to photograph the film:

Young speaks in more detail specifically about lighting with bounce and negative fill:

Young talks through his use of practical lights:

Young discusses his lens choices:

Further Viewing

Director Ava Duvernay speaks to Q-Tip about her work with cinematographer Bradford Young lighting the black body and how black characters look in dark rooms (via Tribeca):

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