Film School: Blade Runner (1982)

Rutger Hauer on Harrison Ford’s “dumb character”: “He gets a gun put to his head and then he fucks a dishwasher.”

Film critic Mark Kermode‘s 2000 documentary On The Edge of Blade Runner also features the infamous moment Ridley Scott finally admitted his truth about Deckard (Rutger Hauer’s brutal takedown begins at 31:27):

“Director’s Cut”? “Final Cut”? “Cut and Paste”? For a detailed look at the different versions of the film, and exactly what work went into them, check out Blade Runner: All Our Variant Futures, From Workprint To Final Cut:

Given the film’s unique, even miraculous, production design, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes goodies out there – and A Good Start: Designing the Future is one to catch whenever it surfaces online:

Further Viewing

Nerdwriter‘s video essay, Blade Runner: The Other Side of Modernity:

Sean Young‘s polaroids from on the set of Blade Runner (via NeoGAF and ScreenRant):