Film School: The Faces of Ingmar Bergman

Persona (1966) Persona (1966)

A study of the ways the director uses his most powerful storytelling tool.

This tribute montage (via FilmoteCanet Cinema)…

… along with Thomas Flight‘s exploration of the ways director Ingmar Bergman, particularly with cinematographer Sven Nykvist, uses faces in his films

… inspired this collection of stills from the director’s work:

Further Viewing

A companion tribute to Bergman’s hands:

More of the interview with Ingmar Bergman On Persona 1966 excerpted in Thomas Flight’s video essay (via ORAS):

And here’s the full-length documentary from which that clip is taken, Persona: A Poem In Images (together with my own thoughts on Bergman’s Persona, for what they’re worth):

Beyond the faces of Bergman: in her video essay on director Mia Hansen-Løve‘s 2021 film Bergman Island, Broey Deschanel briefly looks at Ingmar Bergman’s influence as a director (beginning at 7:39):

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