Film School: Sound Design: Ben Burtt

'Star Wars' Sound Designer, Ben Burtt 'Star Wars' Sound Designer, Ben Burtt

Lessons from the innovative sound designer of Star Wars and many more.

A great introduction to the work of sound designer Ben Burtt (via kaptainkristian):

Burtt demonstrates his process of capturing and layering sounds to create the universe of the Star Wars films:

Further Viewing

Part of the production of the original Star Wars films was the establishment of its own audio production studio, Skywalker Sound, which continues to be used for top-tier feature film sound work. Foley artist John Roesch reveals audio props that were used in films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future and Braveheart:

Try It Yourself

Here’s a guide to creating sound effects, or foley, for your film:

MAKE. ART. NOW and Marshall McGee have some fun creating dynamic (and increasingly brutal?) sound effects using household items:

Play along as Marshall McGee shares his techniques for recreating sounds in Anime and games:

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