Film School: Mixing Audio in Premiere Pro

Image via Delta Media Image via Delta Media

A roundup of tutorials on improving the sound in your video editing.

While these tutorials seem specific to Adobe Premiere Pro (and one place to start learning is on Adobe’s own page on this topic), the principles and tools are common to most decent video and audio software – so if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll hopefully be able to find it in whatever you’re using.

Voice-Over Mixing

Matt Johnson takes us through the basics of equalization (EQ) and compression, and along the way helpfully explains that, while you may be shooting for “perfect” audio, most videos will be heard through crappy speakers, and how to mix for that:

Voice, Sound Effects, and Transitions

Gerald Undone covers more than just the “basics” – it’s a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive guide to a slick-sounding mix of the different kinds of elements you might pull together in your audio:

Record Your Voice Properly In The First Place

If someone says “We can fix it in post”, they probably aren’t working in post. No amount of post production can truly save a poor voice recording – and if you’ve had to mix crappy audio, you’ll have spent more time trying to make it work than actually crafting what you actually want to be working on. So the aim should always be to get it right at the recording stage. Here’s a roundup of tutorials on recording cleaner audio:

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