Film School: Advanced Audio in Premiere Pro

Audio Editing Tips Adobe Premiere Pro | Javier Mercedes Audio Editing Tips Adobe Premiere Pro | Javier Mercedes

Improve the quality and workflow of sound in your video post production.

If you’re new to working with audio in Adobe Premiere Pro, perhaps begin with this intro to audio mixing in Premiere:

Javier Mercedes dives a little deeper into the idiosyncrasies of Premiere Pro’s audio capabilities, from recording ADR directly into the timeline…

… to fine-tuning the edit:

Javier’s audio editing tips:

  1. Edit on the Consonant
  2. Record Voice Over (Overdub/ADR) in Premiere Pro
  3. Rectified Vs Non-Rectified Audio Waveforms (i.e. how the stereo waveform is visualized – either as two separate, bottom-up forms, or as a single, centre-out form)
  4. How to Sync Audio
  5. Fine Tuning your sync with Show Audio Time Units
  6. How to Censor Beep Audio in Premiere

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What do your ears see? Ways to think about the storytelling possibilities with sound design:

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