Film School: AI in Film-Making (That’s Actually Helpful) in 2023

Using AI Backgrounds with Green Screen | Epic Light Media Using AI Backgrounds with Green Screen | Epic Light Media

Until AI replaces us all, here are tools that can be helpful to human creators.

While it’s great that AI is now learning to count fingers, it’s already been used for some time now to power certain film-making tools which can save time on a whole range of tasks – time which the users of those tools, human creators, can then devote to one thing AI can’t do (yet, at least): storytelling.

Text-Based Editing – automatic transcription within editing software Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, or within Trint (which is basically ‘What if you used a word processor to create a paper edit?’), allows for video editing based not on images, but on text. Bonus – it can save you time and money on creating captions or subtitles (via Mark Bone):

Speech EnhancementAdobe Podcast‘s feature can vastly improve the quality of recorded audio, despite the microphone and conditions (via PiXimperfect):

Noise Reductiona helpful tool for both film- and music-makers (via In The Mix):

Set Extension – its applications are limited (for now), but combining Photoshop‘s generative fill (for still images) with locked-off video shots can open up spaces – and possibilities… (via Matti Haapoja):

Background Replacement – this requires more work, and is more difficult to pull off, but if you’re already used to working with green screen, you can consider adding generated backgrounds to your toolbox (via Epic Light Media):

Background Replacement + Rotobrush – the After Effects Rotobrush tool uses AI to green-screen-without-green-screen (as we’ve covered in more detail here)…

… and by adding a couple more AE tools to the mix, you can relocate your characters and action inside entirely generated worlds (via Visionary Fire):

More tools – chances are, you’re already using AI tools within your current software, and you may not even know it yet. Here’s a bunch more (via Film Riot):

But AI ‘Film-Making’ Isn’t A Thing Yet…

The ‘[Famous Movie] by Wes Anderson’ AI-generated movie trailers by Curious Refuge went viral…

… but, as Patrick H. Willems argues, their complete lack of human input (even the concept was AI-generated) – not to mention that the entire “art” form is tellingly championed by tech entrepreneurs as a cheat code for art (so… the object is to win?) – is why AI-generated videos are still a galaxy far, far away from ‘film-making’:

… Or Is It?

Some of the tools already visible on the horizon are as powerful as they are easy (especially for non-skilled users) to operate:

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