Audio School: Ableton Live Explained in 37 Minutes

Audio School: Ableton Live Explained in 37 Minutes

A concise overview that helps demystify features and workflow in Ableton Live.

loopop‘s whole channel is full of clear, to-the-point tutorials and explainer videos – most, if not all, featuring his trademark, oh-so-helpful video timecode overlay. Start with this super-concise intro to Ableton Live tutorial, then check out more (on many electronic music tools beyond Ableton) on loopop’s YouTube channel.

Point Blank Music School‘s excellent track reconstructions are a fantastic way to learn both software and song structure together. Here, they show how to make a track in Ableton Live:

… and here are some of our favourite track reconstructions – play along:


Ableton Live also features powerful synthesis tools. To get started, here’s a collection of introductory resources, both video and interactive:

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