Music School: Moog Classical Concert (1969)

Bach Transmogrified | Leonard Bernstein (1969) Bach Transmogrified | Leonard Bernstein (1969)

Leonard Bernstein blows his audience’s minds: a synthesizer plays a fugue in ‘Bach Transmogrified’.

During this 1968 installment of his popular Young People’s Concerts televised series, Leonard Bernstein warmly introduces the new and clearly alien Moog synthesizer to his audience (around the 15 minute mark):

For context: when introducing the synthesizer, Bernstein references HAL from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which had been released only a year prior.

Via Open Culture and Happy Mag.

Further Viewing

Here’s pioneer Suzanne Ciani introducing synthesis in her own captivating way (in what year, I’d love to know):